CAYM Quality Assurance Program




Mentoring Ministry brings the most honor to God and has the most positive impact its participants when it is done in a safe, effective, and sustainable manner. High standards of practice must exist for this type of ministry to occur. Since its inception in 2005 CAYM has been using standards that are in line with nationally accepted best practices. These “Best Practices” are guidelines for mentoring ministries; that when followed allow a ministry to stay focused on the objective of providing safe, effective, and sustainable mentoring to youth. This mentoring honors God, is Christ-Centered, and Church-Driven.
CAYM's Quality Assurance Program (QA) exists to insure that ministries trained and supported by CAYM hold to these high standards in the areas of: Design and Program Elements. When a ministry receives CAYM'S Quality Assurance Seal of Approval it can have the assurance that its participants are enrolled in a safe, effective, and sustainable ministry.
QA has set benchmarks, that when attained will earn a ministry the respect of its peers. That ministry will join an elite group of mentoring ministries whose shared expertise and knowledge will strengthen mentoring in churches for years to come.
 CAYM's Quality Assurance will:
  • Help your ministry maintain consistent and high standards among mentoring ministries.
  • Help assure the safety of all the ministry participants by reviewing program practices
  • Increase community confidence in your program by having your  practices reviewed by a national program.
  • Increase the visibility of Christian Mentoring in the church and the community at large that will result in more children and youth matched with faithful caring adults.
  • Lend credibility to the Christian Mentoring Movement nationally.
  • Create a clearing-house for mentoring knowledge and practice. Quality Assurance members will learn from each other and the greater mentoring world will benefit.
CAYM's QA can also:
  • Provide ministries with a structure that will maximize effectiveness.
  • Equip ministries with the systems required to sustain mentoring matches and the ministry for the years to come.

CAYM's Quality Assurance
Program examines the ministry:

QA will evaluate for all ministries
Program Elements
  • Mentor and Mentee Recruitment
  • Mentor and Mentee Screening
  • Mentor Training/Curriculum Review
  • Matching Process
  • Match Support
  • Coaching Process
  • Match Recognition
  • Match Closure
  • Safeguarding of Information
  • Leadership Team Development
QA can also review
  Design Elements
  • Mission & Vision
  • Strategic Plan
  • Community Engagement Plan
  • Nonprofit Documentation*
  • Funding Model*
*These items reviewed for Nonprofit
Para-church Organizations only

Fee Structure   


Two Levels of Excellence – Climbing the Quality Assurance Ladder of Assurance
Churches and ministries that complete the CAYM Core Training as Associates can be automatically enrolled into the QA. The ministry works with its QA Coach to implement Best Practices and begin matching their initial mentors and mentees. At six months QA will perform a ministry evaluation to insure Best Practices are being followed. An action plan will be created to assist the ministry with any areas that need improvement. Upon completion of the process the ministry will receive the QA Seal of Approval – Level I.
Level I Ministries Receive:

  • A Ministry Coach assigned from CAYM’s experienced staff
  • Tools and resources to facilitate adherence to Best Practices
  • Access to CAYM Advanced Trainings, Webinars, online trainings, etc.
  • Eligibility for discounts on trainings, materials, software, screening, etc.
  • Ability to partner with CAYM with regards to funding opportunities
  • Ability to submit events to the CAYM Calendar
  • Letters of support from CAYM upon request
  • Priority status to receive information about new CAYM resources and events
  • Their ministry included on the “Find a Program” section of the CAYM webpage

Level II status is attained by completing an onsite review by the CAYM staff. CAYM will review program design, files, policies and procedures, as well as interview program participants including mentors, mentees, family members and team leaders. Upon the successful completion of this review – which includes, if necessary, completing an action plan to bring procedures to Best Practice Standards the ministry will receive Level II status. New programs can attain Level II status after one year of Level I status.
Level II Ministries Receive:

  • All items under Level I
  • Approval to use the QA Seal of Approval
  • An expanded listing on the “Find a Program” section of the CAYM webpage
  • Leadership opportunities on the CAYM Advisory Board and the CAYM Board of Directors
  • Acknowledgement of their program at CAYM Conferences
  • Eligible for annual CAYM Awards of Excellence
  • Eligibility to become QA Program of the Year
  • Media promotion at CAYM markets training events in their region
  • Ability for team leaders to become certified CAYM Trainers and Peer Reviewers


Fee Structure

Best Practices
QA Document