• Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring

    For the open and efficient exchange of youth mentoring research

    The Center, directed by Jean Rhodes, is dedicated to creating the open and efficient exchange of research and ideas for the advancement of youth mentoring practice and policies.  From this site you can also access The Chronicle, which has updated mentoring research and stories.

    Contact Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring Phone: (617) 287-6336
  • Education NorthWest

    Research and Training Resource

    Providing training, technical assistance, research, and consultation to youth mentoring initiatives and programs throughout the United States since 1998. Program manuals, evaluation tools, and other materials to support large-scale mentoring program implementation.

    Contact Education NorthWest Phone: (503) 275-9500
  • Search Institute

    Developmental assets, reasearch and surveys.

    Look for Developmental assets on left side bar of their website.

    Contact Search Institute Email Phone: (612) 376-8955
  • Public/Private Ventures website

    Research reports, case studies and evaluations to improve programs and outcomes.

    Sadly, after almost 35 years Public/Private Ventures (P/PV) has ceased operations. The organization leaves behind an incredible legacy of knowledge, including almost 400 research reports, case studies and evaluations about how best to improve programs -- and outcomes -- for children, youth and families. We are fortunate that P/PV has decided to archive its publications collection with the Foundation Center's IssueLab so that practitioners can benefit from this knowledge for years to come. In 2013 we will add almost 200 publications published before 2007. (Read more about P/PV's closure in their May 2012 press release.)

  • National Network of Youth Mentoring

    Find a mentoring program in your area

    Allows you to search for a mentoring program in your area.  Select the blue button on the right “Find a Mentoring Opportunity”, select it again on the next page, enter the zip code and search

    Contact National Network of Youth Mentoring Phone: (877) 500-MENTOR
  • National Center for Fathering

    Website with Fatherless research

    Contact National Center for Fathering Phone: (800) 593-DADS
  • National Mentoring Partnership

    Provides Comprehensive Mentoring Programs

    Excellent national youth mentoring website with a wide variety of resources on developing and maintaining a safe and effective mentoring program.

    Contact National Mentoring Partnership Email Phone: (703) 224-2200
  • U.S. Department of Education Mentoring Resource Center

    Promoting educational excellence for all Americans

    The MRC has been created to provide the United States Department of Education Mentoring Program grantees with training, technical assistance, publications, research and consultation, all in an effort to help their program staff design and implement the highest quality mentoring programs.

    Contact U.S. Department of Education Mentoring Resource Center Email Phone: (877) 579-4788
  • ONEFamily Outreach

    Jerry Goebel's Mission to Connect Kids

    ONEFamily Outreach is a mission of Jerry Goebel that seeks to "Connecting Kids to Community and Communities to Kids."  ONEFamily Outreach offers concerts, workshops, retreats, and church & high school mission trips for audiences ranging from children to adults.  Jerry Goebel's primary goals are to help young people develop a sense of value, mission and purpose.

    Contact ONEFamily Outreach Email Phone: (509) 525-0709