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Kids need mentors. Churches have faithful men and women who can mentor. How can we connect them safely and effectively? Calvary Chapel of St. Petersburg and Perimeter Church of John's Creek, GA are just two of many examples of churches who are helping transform young lives by developing their own mentoring programs. Learn more about training available from CAYMCAYM Training Program


What People Say

"Mentoring is essential for reaching the fatherless youth in our church and community.  CAYM has given us the training and support to effectively reach these young people who need one-on-one ministry." - Pastor Randy Pope, Perimeter Church   more endorsements


Mentoring Stories

Tommy and Mr Parsons were matched when Tommy was in the 2nd Grade. While being passed back and forth between his parents, it was Mr Parsons who was consistently there for Tommy. Read what Tommy and Mr Parsons have to say about their 9 yr match. read more

John and Harold have been matched for 9 years. Read a first person account from Harold of what this relationship has meant to John, a young man who is now 18 years old. read more